• 9 townhomes
  • 2 duplex condominiums

Located in the heart of Lincoln Park, this luxury townhome and condominium project distinguishes itself from its traditional surroundings with high design appeal.

Responding to the client’s desire to provide an upscale housing product with a floating quality as well as privacy for its residents, the design team took the conventional townhouse scheme and exploded it vertically. Open space was created at grade level by wrapping the base in a continuous ribbon of ipe wood siding and framing glass garden bays, producing the feeling that the upper levels are floating above the landscape. Each unit is defined by a large three-story frame that contains shattered planes of solid and void; the effect is to lighten the building mass, frame interior views, and provide privacy to inset terraces and balconies. Interiors are airy and bright, with open floor plans for entertaining and casual living.